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What’s your Henry Danger?

This game is designed to determine your level .this game is the quiz game and is designed to tell you what your good points are and what your internal skills. How can you get the required results and which strategy you will adopt to do that? This will be so good and fascinating way. It will tell you how to do the fight. It will tell you about you. WHAT’S YOUR DANGER? is a way of art and the techniques to tell you.

What is the Danger?

In this game, you will find the different scenario. It is the way of art and the techniques to tell and access about your nature. And it will be the addition of the super people around the world. It will relate you with them. That these are some examples and now you tell that what you can add on this behalf.


This game is basically the way to ask questions from you. This is the type of art in which they will ask different questions and things. So the story of the game is that in the start you will answer about some of the options given to you. Then on the basis of them, they will draw a conclusion and the questions like the food and also the other related to missions would be asked by you. And at the end it will try to conclude about your skills and will tell you that are you captain the hero or what. It would be a nice way that you have the skills but you might not know about them and the approximate will be your choice to tell you the glory what is inside you. So asked the man in you to come out and cope up with the drastic elements you can have to face. It is the way you can have the push.


In this you will have to use the mouse or the selection keys to answer the questions .it not tough but you just have to answer with honesty.

So WHAT’S YOUR  Henry DANGER will tell you about your nature. Are you ready to play?

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